Election Night

by John Middleton • Nov. 6

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What are you doing on election night?

"Watching the returns on the tv while nervously downing Surly's as Rachael makes her world famous craft jars for the holiday season."
Randy Reyes

"Netflix. I'm on a news blackout until Wednesday morning."
Steve Hendrickson

"I've had to learn the hard way never to watch election returns in public—I was a inconsolable mess in 2004 and never need to cry that much in a bar again—so I'm having a very small returns party at home. I can only invite people who have reverence for election night's performance quality. Which means no goddamn talking when the motion graphics are giving me goosebumps. And since I follow politics very closely, my invitees are other political dorks—I spent many years explaining the electoral college to people on election nights, but I can't do that any more. Regardless of the outcome tonight, I will be hungover tomorrow. Also, I have a faux-Mayan cocktail set I'll be using tonight. In accordance with prophecy."
Matthew Foster

"I will be watching election returns at home and tweeting about it. I will be playing a drinking game in which I take a drink every time my character (me) feels it is the correct choice on an emotional level."
Joseph Scrimshaw (Editor's note: if you're on Twitter but not following @JosephScrimshaw, you're a stupid head)

"Um, I'm probably just going to be listening to whatever radio station is doing election footage (MPR?) and working on various things, like practicing banjo, working on stories or songs. I would be smoking weed, but I'm out. Yes, you can print that. Maybe along with a plea to contact me if anyone has any."
Courtney McLean (Editor's note: Minnesota Playlist does not condone the smoking of weed while listening to election returns. Unless you have glaucoma or something. The more you know!)

"Drinking lots and lots of whiskey while alternating between crying fits and explosions of extreme laughter."
Penny Kissinger (Editor's note: Minnesota Playlist does not condone drinking lots of whiskey while crying even though that's what we do pretty much every night. The more you know!)

"Return watching party."
Christina Ham

"I have rehearsal from 7:30 until 10:30. Probably check my phone a lot but mostly we'll be blocking scenes and pitching additional jokes."
Levi Weinhagen

"My writing group is meeting just like usual. Should keep us all from staring nervously at the TV for a couple of hours. And we like to exercise our free speech rights while we're sure we still have them. Then we'll all go home and stare nervously at the TV."
Matthew A. Everett, playwright, Leave and "But Not For Love"