Give to the Max, Giant Steps, CTC, and more!

by Levi Weinhagen • Nov. 12

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Thursday, November 15th, is Give to the Max day. But you probably already knew that if you have any connection to any artists or non-profit organizations in Minnesota.

Give to the Max day is when thousands of arts organizations, schools, and non-profits have the opportunity to double donations they receive and also win various prizes. It’s one of the most important fundraising days of the year for a lot of organizations.

The Minnesota Theater Alliance is partnering with Bedlam Theatre on November 15th to host discussions with theaters raising money on Give to the Max day. Here’s what the Theater Alliance says:

Bedlam Theatre" will be live streaming activities through their Web site, all day November 16th. The Theater Alliance will be there in the morning, hosting discussions with theaters doing GiveMN campaigns that day. Want to come pitch your giving campaign? Show up any time between 10 A.M. and 12 P.M., at Bedlam Theatre, 213 East 4th St., Saint Paul (Lowertown).”

Hope you can be a part of this loud, crazed, exciting day in one way or another.


I don’t think the Children’s Theater Company needs my help letting people know what they’re up to. However, they just announced a new partnership with one of my favorite book stores, Magers & Quinn, that I think is pretty awesome and could and should inspire other organizations in town to try and create similar partnerships.

“In the spirit of sharing great stories and spurring great conversations, CTC is happy to announce a new partnership with Magers & Quinn! For each play in our season, CTC and Magers & Quinn will spotlight books inspired by the tales we tell onstage. Visit Magers & Quinn on Hennepin to see the rotating list of CTC's top choices in store, or sign up for their monthly e-newsletter online!

I love that this supports another local business, encourages reading, and presents clear ways to continue exploring ideas presented on stage after the audience has left. And I love that Magers & Quinn could see how much value there was in this idea. I’d love it if every show program included a list of books that connected to the play in some way.

Have you encouraged further reading after productions you’ve worked on?


In the summer of 2007, New York artist Eve Mosher created a project called HighWaterLine wherein she marked nearly 70 miles worth of the 10-feet above sea level line along the coast with blue chalk and illuminated beacons in an attempt to create an immediate and local understanding of the effects of climate change.

Much of the area marked for the HighWaterLine project was in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Mosher recently posted a blog entry titled ”I Never Wanted to be Right” sharing the clear connections she’s seeing between her project and the impacts of the Hurricane.

I think this project is a good example of how artists can highlight serious issues in ways no one else would conceive of but also how a lot of art is never really finished. The HighWaterLine project will continue to tell a changing story. Perhaps the enough people hear the right story and change happens.


Friday, November 16th, is the third annual Giant Steps conference.

Do you know about Giant Steps?
Giant Steps is an interactive conference for creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives. It’s a day full of workshops, panel discussions, and unplanned conversations. There are a number of theater and performing arts related speakers and participants. And there will be professional photographers offering free headshots to all attendees throughout the day.

There’s still registration space available.
The conference takes place at the Guthrie’s Dowling studio.


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