More praise for Minnesota art

by Alan M. Berks • Sep. 1

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This is a pleasant read for all Minnesota artists to enjoy over their coffee this morning.

I live here because I basically agree.

On the other hand, I believe that self-satisfaction is the death of good art, and I worry about a growing sense of complacency I feel in the Minnesota arts community, both audiences and arts administrators. How often will this be quoted in the coming months to affirm the idea that everything is just peachy here between the artists and city governments and audiences, etc.?

I don't mean to rain on any parades, but I thought it worth mentioning: Are we getting too proud of ourselves? And is that pride blinding us to the risk and danger we need to court in order to make truly great work--which must be as much the point of our efforts as is building community and transforming neighborhoods, right?

I also think its a perfectly reasonable sentiment to share right before we publish a bunch of articles praising specific performances over the past year in our September "Personal Best" issue-- but then, again, I've been called "purposely argumentative". is there a specialist I should see for this condition?