Play-by-Play Theater Bookstore is moving

by Alan M. Berks • Feb. 21

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Is it a conflict of interest to write about Kelly Schaub and her Play-by-Play Bookstore when we flat out love it as much as we do here at MinnesotaPlaylist?

Except--what Minnesota performing arts lover in their right mind doesn't also love what Kelly has done by opening this trade-specific bookstore? is nice, I suppose, and Playscripts script-on-demand service is a clever use of technology for business purposes, but we're living people and being able to browse in sections of knowledge that you didn't even know you'd want to browse is one of the inalienable rights written into early drafts of the constitution. (Right after they changed "life, liberty, and property" to ". . . and the pursuit of happiness," they cut the section about bookstores.) Plus, we're live performing artists for a reason; virtual reality doesn't do it for us. And, then there's the fact that Kelly is a great host who always has cookies and coffee and a piano and comfortable seating for you to enjoy while you hang out in her place with her.

So, yes, we love Play-by-Play Theater Bookstore, and we're shouting it from the virtual rooftops.

Now, (he shouts), Kelly could use your help this month.

Two months after the bookstore opened in December, the landlord sold the building out from under her. Now she's got to pack up her inventory, find a new location, renovate it, and reopen. Not because the idea of opening a bricks and mortars bookstore wasn't working, not because the idea of opening a bookstore specifically for theater and dance and performing arts was too idealistic, simply because in our beautiful economic system, landlords sometimes just screw you. [Insert rant here about the how the absurd real estate market is one of the largest obstacles to creating more, better, living wage, sustainable theater.]

How you can help (the list below comes directly from a recent email from Kelly):

What you can do:

Please come see the store, if you haven’t already been here – see what a warm and welcoming place this community has allowed me to build

Shop the upcoming inventory reduction sale (less to move, more cash to move it…)

You can shop these hours:

Inventory Reduction Sale starts Sunday 2/21.

Store open Saturday 12-5, Sunday 12-5,

Monday 2/22 11am-6pm

Tuesday 2/23 1pm-6:30pm (Book Club starts at 6:30)

Wednesday 2/24 1pm-6pm

After that, it’s packing & moving time.

Also, help Play-by-Play maintain a presence in the community during this hiatus – any opportunity to partner with you/your organization would be welcome in order to stay visible

The temporary “hiatus” plan is to put the fixtures and furniture into self- storage: do you have extra warehouse space we could borrow?

Or you can give gifts that will directly support a new space, programming, and visibility while Play by Play is on hiatus, so that this idea doesn’t go “dark”

Low interest loans to help finance a new location


Short-term building/space share opportunity

Kelly can be reached at the store at 651-330-2219 or via email.