Preliminary Fringe Fest line-up set

by Alan M. Berks • Feb. 19

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They still have to assign venues and performance times, and a million other things to get ready for the 2010 Fringe Festival. Plus, some number of these shows are guaranteed to back out of the festival - but, regardless, you might say the official 2010 Fringe Festival anticipation has begun.

Read the press release. If you're really obsessive, and you want to know what has happened to every show and number and what each one is supposedly about, you can check out this spreadsheet.

Plus, Matt Peiken, the mastermind behind 3-minute egg, was also at the lottery. Check out this video:

We're taking an office pool on how far down the waiting list they will get before the festival starts. I'm voting #72. Anyone want to join in?

Also for sale: I'm inventing a Fringe Festival description/title recipe: Three part cheekiness, forced sass and stale irreverence, with 1/8 part literary reference and a teaspoon of artistic ambition cancelled out by a dash of desperate pander to the audience's supposedly low-brow tastes. Just plug in and go. (Hey, I'm not throwing stones. I've done it too.)





There is NOTHING lowbrow about CSI.
-Ben McGinley