Theater tech job openings, a new Equity theater, and a book release

by Mo Perry • Jan. 22

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It’s a good time to be a theater tech looking for work! Both the Guthrie and the Children’s Theater just posted openings in the past week, for a Technical Director and a Master Carpenter, respectively. Are you the man or woman for the job(s)?


New Twin Cities theater company Dark & Stormy Productions (whose first production was Outside Providence this past August) recently announced that it is becoming an Equity Theater, becoming the first company in the Twin Cities to take advantage of a new program being offered by Actors Equity Association (the labor union that represents over 49,000 actors and stage managers nationwide) to help theaters transition to operating under an Equity agreement. Their upcoming production of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow will be their first under such an agreement.

Artistic Director Sara Marsh says, “As an Equity member myself for nearly ten years, creating more opportunities for Equity actors in the Twin Cities is of the utmost importance to me, and is one of the reasons I founded Dark & Stormy Productions. I couldn't be more thrilled by the unexpected opportunity to accelerate our transition to a full Equity theater.”

Congratulations to Dark & Stormy and the Twin Cities Equity members they will be employing!


Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater is hosting a community celebration on January 26 in honor of the release of its book Temporary Shelter: Tales from the Minneapolis Tornado, which features stories from those affected by the tornado that took a serious toll on the lives and homes of many North Minneapolis residents in May 2011.

According to their press release, “Over the past year, SPDT artists have interviewed over one hundred community members and worked with countless North Minneapolis organizations to give voice to those who haven't been heard and raise public awareness of the challenges faced by those affected. The book release party will include performances by SPDT artists inspired by selected excerpts from TEMPORARY SHELTER.”

This clip from a MN Original broadcast segment includes more information about the project. The book release and celebration will take place on January 26th at 3pm at the Capri Theater in the heart of North Minneapolis.

It’s not everyday that actors are invited to write op-eds for the New York Times, but this piece by Ricky S. Sekhon on playing Osama bin Laden in “Zero Dark Thirty” is an interesting look at how an actor deals with portraying the “global face of evil” on film:

It includes some of the familiar anecdotes about actors losing dozens of pounds to transform for a juicy role, and some more unique commentary on what it’s like to have your career be based predominantly on portraying terrorists because of your ethnicity and appearance. Most telling of all, though, is the op-ed’s conclusion, and what it says about how all of us actors are fundamentally alike when you get right down to it: “But would I be prepared to play a universally despised emblem of evil again? I guess it would depend on how many lines I had.”

It’s that time of year again. The Twin Cities Unified Theater Auditions are taking place March 2nd and 3rd at Concordia University in St. Paul. The registration deadline is February 11th, so get yourself signed up for a (singing or non-singing) audition spot now. More info here:

Let’s go out with a little inspiration today. This theater manifesto from Taylor Mac (with whom I had the brief but intense pleasure of working for a few days at the Playwright’s Center a couple of years ago) is provocative, challenging, and galvanizing--a must-read for everyone from artistic directors to playwrights to stage managers. More of this, please.

A brief excerpt: "I believe authentic failure on stage is one of the great art forms.

I believe I sometimes fail at my job and I sometimes succeed and that humanity exists in both. I believe if I want my audiences to experience the range of their humanity, and I do, then I must reflect back at them, authentic success and authentic failure.

I believe I am a mirror and each and every one of my audience members is both snow white and the evil queen."

Enjoy the whole manifesto here:

Stay warm, y'all.