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BLOG: Post-Sage Awards thoughts

Posted Oct. 15

After words |

Everyone looked great. Honorees cried. Dancers danced. How do the Sage Awards compare to other awards shows?

BLOG: Talking About Equity in the Arts

Posted Mar. 17

News and notes |

While we're talking about equitable representation in theater, pricing is getting dynamic.

BLOG: Feeling a Little Silly Today

Posted Feb. 11

News and notes |

I try my best to maintain a positive attitude about the state of theater, with the help of the friendly Header Title.

BLOG: Changes

Posted Feb. 4

News and notes | Management | Process | Production

A board turns over, a theatre space will morph, a playwright's words are altered.

BLOG: Tackling the Edifice Complex

Posted Jan. 28

News and notes |

Does making big buildings help or hurt arts organizations?

BLOG: Subsidize. Recognize.

Posted Jan. 21

News and notes |

You can come to argue over film/TV subsidies, big theater subsidies or performer pay. Take your pick.

BLOG: Two-Fisted, In-Your-Face, 100% Pure Arts Journalism

Posted Jan. 13

News and notes | Criticism | Management | Production

Journalism, tax rebates and pictures of cats.

BLOG: Everything Old Is New Again

Posted Jan. 6

News and notes | Innovation | Production

Some other people make predictions (and prescriptions) for the new year. Some of them sound not too new at all.

BLOG: Possibly Inaccurate Predictions for the Future

Posted Dec. 31

News and notes | Innovation | Production | Vision

As promised last week, here is what to expect from 2014 (as vaguely as possible).

BLOG: 5 Things That Definitely Happened in 2013

Posted Dec. 24

News and notes |

A look back at what I found interesting since I took over News and Notes.

BLOG: They Won't Cancel This One

Posted Dec. 17

News and notes | Audience | Social Service | Tradition

A high school production of Rent becomes a lightning rod; and it still prevails.

BLOG: Adaptation

Posted Dec. 10

News and notes | Management | Production | Tradition

The Guthrie's big 50th season ends in deficit; or, How five decades can change you big time.


Posted Dec. 3

News and notes | Innovation | Process

Selling tickets (or not), getting paid (or not), bread, puppets and, for some reason, a brief appearance by Isaac Mizrahi.

BLOG: On Thanks and Good Giving

Posted Nov. 26

News and notes | Social Service

An important arts philanthropist passes; but what kind of arts world to large donors help create?

BLOG: Sometimes Things Break

Posted Nov. 19

News and notes | Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Tradition

...but, you know, you can always look to the future.

BLOG: What Can Arts Do For Veterans?

Posted Nov. 11

News and notes |

After a quick sidenote about money (sorry), some thoughts about theatre and Veteran's Day.

BLOG: All of the Money

Posted Nov. 4

News and notes | Innovation | Management | Vision

I'm following the money again, even if it scares the heck out of me.

BLOG: All Over the World

Posted Oct. 29

News and notes |

This week, we'll trot around the world looking for good news and somehow wind up back home.

BLOG: Big Money and Small Fish

Posted Oct. 22

News and notes | Innovation | Process | Production

The Lion King hits a billion dollars. Then there's the rest of us.

BLOG: Death and Near-Death

Posted Oct. 15

News and notes | Criticism | Management | Tradition

Sometimes companies die. Sometimes they cheat death and come back to us.

BLOG: Let's Get Spooky

Posted Oct. 8

News and notes | Tradition

Halloween is coming. Are you prepared?

BLOG: Let's Talk About [Insert Controversy Here]

Posted Oct. 1

News and notes | Audience | Criticism | Social Service

Three productions in Minnesota have sparked some controversy. Are we learning anything from our arguments?

BLOG: Awards! Awards! Insurance!

Posted Sep. 24

News and notes | Audience | Process | Tradition

The Iveys have come and gone, but marriage, insurance and unemployment are here to stay.

BLOG: Last call for Callboard

Posted Sep. 16

News and notes |

A farewell to Callboard, a look back at Fringe and the ongoing saga of 'Miss Saigon.'

BLOG: Can the Ordway's 'Miss Saigon' turn controversy into conversation?

Posted Sep. 9

News and notes |

A controversial production, a life-risking artist and a sparkly awards show in this week's News & Notes.