We're alive!

by Alan M. Berks • Dec. 29

News and notes |

What happened?
We still don't know exactly. For those of you that don't understand computers, databases, and the Internet, no amount of explanation would make sense. For those of you who do understand computer-stuff, you'd still just say, "Well, that sucks."

How bad was it?
We contemplated some very bad things, but we're fine now. Thanks for your emails of concern. They made us feel good about what we do here—which makes doing it more worthwhile.

How did we fix it?
In fact, we were somewhat lucky that we had recently created an entirely redesigned website because it meant that we had bits and pieces of things on our local computers that we could piece together to make into a whole new website. Voilá.

What does it mean to you?
If you purchased a membership after Nov. 1 and posted a talent profile, you will have to repost your Talent Profile. If you haven't yet posted a Talent Profile, you won't notice any difference.

If you had a Talent Profile from before Nov. 1 and made changes to it after Nov. 1, none of those changes were retrievable. You'll especially want to update your profile as quickly as possible if one of those recent changes was to your photograph. Right now, your Talent Profile may not be displaying a headshot at all.

Everyone who has a current membership has had their membership extended one month.

What about the classifieds?
If you purchased a one-month classified any time after November 14 or a two month classified after November 1 and you haven't already sent us your text, you should simply repost your ad on the site now. DO NOT publish through paypal. INSTEAD email alan@minnesotaplaylist.com to have it republished.

Your classified is automatically extended two weeks.

If you have an advertisement to post anew, feel free to use the system exactly as you would before our interruption of service.

What about the comments?
Unfortunately, those are all gone, along with any audience reviews that were posted on the redesigned site.

If you'd like to recreate your own, go right ahead.

Personally, I'd like to see someone do a live dramatic reading at the Bryant Lake Bowl of all the passionate comments on John Middleton's Be thankful you aren't the Morris Squill essay, but alas the evidence of that wonderful, little dust-up has swirled done the digital drain.

What can you do to help?
Seriously? You want to know? Buy a membership. Yup. Because your tiny, annual payment of either $20 or $35 makes it possible for us to spend the time we spend on this website. Plus, you get stuff—drink discounts, $5 tickets, 25% off massages and yoga and more. Not to mention the free advertising on the homepage you get for yourself and your next show when you're a Featured Artist. (And, for what it's worth, artistic directors, casting directors, freelance directors, playwrights, and filmmakers would really like you to join our database. so they can search for you, or be reminded of you, while sitting at their desk. . . How do we know that? Because they've actually told us so.)

But back to the original question—becoming a member is one thing you can do to help. Filling the performance calendar with your shows and the audience reviews with your brilliant thoughts about other people's shows is another. The more content you help us create, or recreate, the happier our New Year will be.

Thank you for your patience, support, and good vibrations.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can also call 612-886-2868. Ask for Alan.