Writers wanted for MinnesotaPlaylist

by Alan M. Berks • Jan. 5

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We're looking for new writers to help us cover the performing arts community better.

If you have writing talent, passion for the performing arts, and ideas about any of the following issues, please email anna@minnesotaplaylist.com:

    The intersection of local film and theater (February).
    Theater outside the theater box (March).
    Theater as education (April).

Please articulate a specific, clear and concise angle and explain briefly how you would explore and write about it. A writing resume and/or excerpted writing samples would be nice though not essential.

We're looking for articles that have information, perspective, and a unique voice. We don't like to grind axes; the grating sound gets on our nerves. We assume our audience is already intelligent, well-informed, and motivated. We like to explore, consider, inform, propose, and—when justified—provoke. Humor is good. Passion is great. (Note that righteous indignation and anger is not the same as passion—though we're not against righteous indignation or anger if you're funny about it.)

Compensation is available, takes various forms, and is negotiable, but do note that we are still, basically, a start-up. And a start-up about theater and dance no less. Keep that in mind.