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WE CREATE COMMUNITY We seek out teams and artists who work together well. It's our belief that when our artists create a community, our audience will become a part of that community. WE HAVE FUN Theater is what you make of it. We make sure to have a good time on stage so you can have a good time in your seat. WE'RE SMALL Loudmouth Collective is inspired by what a small ensemble or even one solo performer can do. WE WANT TO SHARE A DRINK We love our audiences and want to get to know them. We'll always have our artists or staff at the bar after to talk about the show. WE GET IT It's important to us that we investigate everyday struggles, things that happen to people like us. This way we can understand our characters and their stories more fully. WE LOVE LANGUAGE Our heroes are playwrights like Will Eno, Daniel MacIvor, Rajiv Joseph. We seek out the wordsmiths of our time. Their minimalist and specific language gives us inspiration to uncover a deeper understanding. WE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME Who wants to sit through a three hour show with two intermissions? Our shows are short so we can get right to the point, the story. WE ARE SICK OF APATHY We want to laugh, cry, smile, get angry, or just feel something. Maybe our stories don't move you to campaign for human rights, but they will move you. WE TELL STORIES Above all else, we tell stories that ought to be told.

Performance history

Cul-de-Sac by Daniel MacIvor
May 17-26, 2013

Thom Pain (based on nothing) by Will Eno
January 11-20, 2013

Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph
(remount of The Peanut Butter Factory production)
September 6-16, 2012



Now playing

The Hothouse

The Hothouse

See it this week at Artspace Grain Belt Bottling House in Minneapolis. Presented by Dark & Stormy Productions.

Theater talk

Featured Artist

Mel Day

Mel Day

Mel Day Assistant Directs The Hothouse playing at Artspace Grain Belt Bottling House this month.

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