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Ben Krywosz. Artistic Director
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Nautilus Music-Theater provides opportunities for the artistic growth of music-theater artists who create, develop, and produce new operas and other forms of music-theater that are emotionally expansive, dramatically engaging, and spiritually stimulating. We are dedicated to the development of new work, along with innovative productions of existing pieces, in order to contribute to the quality and diversity of new American music-theater. We seek to form partnerships between creators, performers, and audiences, as well as to create professional training programs for artists. We use music-theater as a tool to create enriching experiences for artists and audiences, supporting the individual and collective growth of the human spirit. Over our twenty-five year history, we have refined our program offerings to advance this mission, concentrating on our core constituency of artists. We have developed a four-part program structure: ARTIST DEVELOPMENT training provides professional growth opportunities for composers, writers, performers, directors, and musical coaches. ROUGH CUTS is a series of informal monthly presentations of works-in-progress, dialogues between artists and audiences, and explorations of the creative process. PRODUCTIONS allow us to present fully-staged productions of full-length music-theater works, including premieres of new work we have developed or supported, or innovative productions of existing operas and musicals. COMMUNITY COMMISSIONS are projects or services initiated by or commissioned for specific communities, such as other arts organizations, academic institutions, or human service organizations.

Performance history

2011-12: JOAN OF ARC (Harrington/Marvin)
2010-11: TWISTED APPLES (Payne/Elhai)
2010-11: I AM ANNE FRANK (Futterman/Cohen) on tour
2010-11: MEDITATIONS ON ARION (Peden/Krywosz) with Milwaukee Opera Theatre
2010-11: FROM THE DIARY OF VIRGINIA WOOLF (Argento) with Milwaukee Opera Theatre
2009-10: UNTOLD LIES (Payne/Elhai)
2008-09: SISTER STORIES: The Fruit of the Family Tree (Dimock/Dale), Looking Glass Lake (Payne/Ball), So This Duck Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office... (Hoptman /Maurer), Persephone’s Sister (Orlando/Elhai)
2008-09: ALICE UNWRAPPED #1 (Harrington/Giering) (Spirit in the House)
2007-08: A WATER BIRD TALK (Argento)
2007-08: OPRHEUS AND EURIDICE (Gordon) with Minnesota Dance Theater
2007-08: THE DIARY OF ADAM AND EVE (Harnick/Bock)
2006-07: CAROUSEL (Rodgers/Hammerstein)
2006-07: LOSS OF BREATH (Corbett/Johnson)
2005-06: MAN OF LA MANCHA (Wasserman/Darion/Leigh)
2005-06: I AM ANNE FRANK (Futterman/Cohen)
2005-06: THE LAST FIVE YEARS (Brown) at the Jon Hassler Theatre
2005-06: SONGS FROM AN UNMADE BED (Campbell et al)
2004-05: MEDITATIONS ON ARION (Peden/Krywosz)
2003-04: THE LAST FIVE YEARS (Brown)
2003-04: JOHN AND JEN (Greenwald/Lippa)
2002-03: (Developmental activity only)
2001-02: (Developmental activity only)
2000-01: (Developmental activity only)
1999-00: GOBLIN MARKET (Harmon/Pen)
1998-99: (Developmental activity only)
1997-98: Into the Woods (Lapine/Sondheim)
1996-97: (Developmental activity only)
1995-96: THREE VISITATIONS (Selig/Sherman)
1994-95: HEARTS ON FIRE (Harrington/Ames)
1993-94: DANTE'S VIEW / Repertory Program
1992-93: SEVEN SEVENS (McGuire/Vandervelde)
1991-92: SNOW LEOPARD (Nieboer/Harper) Revised
1990-91: (Developmental activity only)
1989-90: SNOW LEOPARD (Nieboer/Harper)
1988-89: WITHOUT COLORS (Wellman/Shiflett)
1988-89: RED TIDE (Selig/Sherman)
1987-88: COWBOY LIPS (Greene/Madsen)
1987-88: FLY AWAY ALL (Shank/Hutchinson)
1987-88: BOOK OF DAYS (Monk)
1986-87: FIRE IN THE FUTURE (Schenkar/Drobny)
1986-87: LONG ISLAND DREAMER (Selig/Sherman)
1986-87: TANTRACIDAL MANIA (Nieboer/Harper)
1986-87: CREATION OF THE WORLD (Serrand/Olsen)
1985-86: JOAN OF ARC: The First Course (Schenkar/Drobny)
1985-86: LILITH BY THE SEA (Brody/Gerberg)




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Hennepin Avenue Nightmares

See it this week at Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis. Presented by Ghoulish Delights and Paradox Productions.

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Mel Day

Mel Day Assistant Directs The Hothouse playing at Artspace Grain Belt Bottling House this month.

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