Isaac Butler

Isaac Butler is a writer and director and recent transplant from Brooklyn, NY. His websites are Parabasis and Stagegrade and his writing has appeared in American Theatre, NYMag's Vulture Blog, Buzzine, and several other places. He is currently pursuing a creative nonfiction MFA at the University of Minnesota.

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How to be a bad director

Criticism | Production

For audience, actors, and writers alike, Isaac Butler attempts to create a quick guide to saving yourself from that horrible director.

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BLOG: Truth or consequences?

Posted Mar. 31

Special focus |

Isaac Butler casts a gimlet eye on the Mat Smith dust-up over “The Real Reason Playwrights Fail.”

BLOG: From stage to screen

Posted Mar. 23

Special focus | Audience

Isaac Butler muses on why theater is so poorly portrayed on the big screen—and the exceptions.