John Middleton

John Middleton, belovèd Twin Cities actor and unhappy news aggregator.

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Another actor prepares


TBT: A comprehensive, sequential warm-up from breath to yoga to centering—um, does anyone else feel a little numb right now?

Holiday Interview: John Novak and Bradley Greenwald

John Novak and Bradley Greenwald talk about doing a show together during the holidays at the Jungle Theater.

Holiday Interview: Autumn Ness and Reed Sigmund

Autumn Ness and Reed Sigmund talk about performing How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Children's Theatre Company

Super Powered Interview

Joseph Scrimshaw talks to Bill Corbett about the intersection of theater, comic books and Christmas

Politics and Theater - the Federal Theater Project


A look back at the Federal Theater Project

The job of the artist


Responses to Václav Havel's view of the artist's job.

May Theater Cocktails


Drinks inspired by current theatrical productions.

Nice, Nice, Baby

A sorry defense of Minnesota Nice

Tuesdays with Gary

Gary Gisselman - saving civilization, one student at a time.



Wall Street, politics and a word for our sponsors.

Gary's Kids


Why are there so many Saint Olaf alums working in Twin Cities theaters and what do they want from the rest of us?

The big art ball

Tradition | Vision

What does it mean to think like an artist?


Process | Training

John Middleton offers his second article on acting, this one dealing with conflict.

The curse of professional actor training programs

Process | Training

John Middleton offers hard-won acting advice that you won't learn at professional training programs.

Meaning and nothingness


People spout shameless nonsense just for attention. Regular Playlist contributor John Middleton begs you not to be one of those people.



Regular MinnesotaPlaylist contributor John Middleton returns with his thoughts on the grassroots.

Healing arts: The documentary

Social Service

Better late than never, John hunts down his own example of April's issue. Get an inside look at a healing artist at work. Sort of.

A huddle of Greek gods


Forget the intersection of film and theater. If we can't figure out what makes theater different than film, expect theater to get run over even more.

Anti-anxiety of influence

Criticism | Process

Minnesota Style is the sum total of the people who live here. Regular contributor John Middleton explores how we learn the style we call our own.

Too sappy?


Are the biggest cynics really just wounded romantics? John Middleton demonstrates to the Morris Squill that he isn't really Scrooge.

Be thankful you aren't the Morris Squill


We asked one of our favorite writers for his thoughts on surviving as a performing artist. Now, we're not sure whether he'll ever talk to us again.

Ignore This!


John tries to write about dance, stalks technicians, peeks into the guts of the Fringe, fixes its iniquities - all while making us laugh.

How to be a critic


Clarity is not your friend; foreign-sounding words are - and other tricks of the critical trade from John Middleton.

They, the people


Does demography make you cringe? How can they put numbers on art? Relax.

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BLOG: Reviewing the debate

Posted Oct. 17

After words |

Was the presidential debate good theater?

BLOG: Election Night

Posted Nov. 6

Special focus |

How are theater folk spending election night?

BLOG: End of May Theater Cocktails

Posted May. 30

Special focus |

Theater Mixologist John Middleton designs drinks for a few current local productions.

BLOG: And I don't much care for the Electoral College

Posted Oct. 16

News and notes | Social Service

I'll be your substitute editor for the next few months but I want you to treat me like your regular editor. No, we can't have Playlist outside.


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