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Just a funny video


For your amusement, we compiled a few of outtakes from the Indiegogo campaign video we made. Happy Monday!

Winning with the new website


One more scheduled event. Stop by Monday, Sept 1 between barbeques for a little mingling and information.

Playlist's new columns for 2014

From dance to criticism to politics to news, get to know Playlist's new slate of regular features.

Giving thanks for theater


We asked local theater folks to share what fills them with gratitude this Thanksgiving season.

Why Should I See Your Show? 'Night of the Living Dead'

"Our zombies are trained to show restraint towards audience members."

Why Should I See Your Show? 'Rain Follows the Plow'

Is Savage Umbrella's Dust Bowl drama up your alley?

Why Should I See Your Show? 'Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club'

Park Square Executive Director C. Michael-jon Pease provides evidence for 'Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club.'

Why Should I See Your Show? 'Psst!' vs. 'Emilie'


A play with extra-artsy roots matches up against one with a more scientific grounding this week.

Why Should I See Your Show? 'Human Combat Chess' vs. 'God of Carnage'

It's a battle of battles as we hear the cases for 'Human Combat Chess' and 'God of Carnage.'

Why Should I See Your Show? 'International Falls' vs. 'Barefoot in the Park'

Two very different takes on romantic entanglements vie for your attention this week.

Why should I see your show? 'Tesla' vs. 'Sylvia'

It’s only the second week of this feature and already we have an indoor lightning storm versus a foul-mouthed dog.

Why should I see your show? 'Forever Plaid' vs. 'What Happened to the Dollar'


Our new weekly feature finds two local productions vying for theatergoers' hearts and minds.

John Munger remembered

Dancer, actor, teacher and all-around Twin Cities theater icon John Munger passed away on Tuesday. His friends and peers remember him in their own words.

Rank your favorite casts and crew, Week 3

Innovation | Vision

This week, we have a bunch of new entries. Let them know what you think of their ideas.

Fantasy Theater League, Week 2


Week 2 of Fantasy Theater League pits Theater of the Absurd against Theater of the Nude.

Introducing . . . the Fantasy Theater League


Put your best production ideas to the test in MinnesotaPlaylist's new Fantasy Theater League.

How's your fringe show?


The 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival is three months away. Have you already fallen behind?

Advice to the beginner in the performing arts, part 2


Additional advice for the beginner from professionals in the world of performing arts.

Advice to the beginner in the performing arts


Local and national theater professionals offer advice to people just getting started in the performing arts.

Local playwrights tackle WikiLeaks

Process | Vision

How would playwrights respond to WikiLeaks? We ask ten.

Collaboration song

Process | Production

Think you know what sound designers do? Watch this video interview to learn the real scoop from Victor Zupanc, one of the country's best.

Minnesota filmmakers, live on stage

Process | Production

Bill Corbett, Patrick Coyle, Ali Selim, and Rob Perez have each seen their visions come alive on the big screen. Enjoy their discussion in this video.

In case of emergency


Don't panic. Organizations and programs exist to help performing artists survive difficult times. Use this brief reference guide in case of emergency.

To study the world


Charles Nolte did it all. Then he taught a lot of Minnesota performing artists how to do it too.

Good company


Stephen D'Ambrose and Barbara Kingsley have built lives as actors in this community that so many admire. They're also such great fun to talk with.

The "Culture Wars" explained, finally


From the birth of the NEA to the battle fields in Minnesota, Patrick Scully explains the "Culture Wars" coherently, vividly, and quickly.

More than cabaret

Innovation | Management

How do you put politics into dance? Or build a queer-identified space where straights feel welcome? Why do it at all? Patrick Scully answers

The big G


Sheila Livingston came to Minnesota at the same time as Tyrone Guthrie. In the early days, a big G meant cereal, not theater.

Small theaters everywhere


By the mid-90s, the Twin Cities suddenly appeared to be crawling with scrappy, spunky, young, and tiny independent new theaters. Carolyn Pool dove right in.



Mixed Blood, Penumbra, August Wilson, New York, the Guthrie, Pillsbury House — Faye Price is on quite a journey.

The center


How did the Guthrie's cash machine "A Christmas Carol" happen? Where did the Playwrights Center come from? Barbara Field was in the middle of it.

Lights, character, action


Lighting designer Marcus Dillard steps out from behind the scenes to share his recollections. "The technology is changing everything constantly."



The creator of the Choreographers' Evening, Judith Brin Ingber has been in middle of the growth of dance in Minnesota from the 1950s to today.

Celebration of spirit

Greater Minnesota | Tradition

An interview with long-time Minnesota theater legend Don Stolz who "refuses to do a play that presents life as hopeless. . . It just isn't true."

Just do it

Your handy-dandy guide to new work development opportunities, compiled by MinnesotaPlaylist Intern, Anna Sundberg.



The prolific, ubiquitous, droll, jocular, successful and local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher sits for a video interview on the state of playwrighting.

Laws of the Jungle

Jungle Theater Artistic Director Bain Boehlke and Associate AD Joel Sass explain in a video interview how they think about the plays they put on the stage.

Critical interview


Four Twin Cities critics sit down for a wide-ranging interview on the tension in their role, their relationship to artists and responsibility to readers.

Interview with Dominique Serrand

Management | Vision

From religion to Minnesota's Legacy Amendment to health care reform, one of the forces behind Jeune Lune speaks.

Space for rent


Specs and contact information for twenty good rehearsal spaces.

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BLOG: A message from the people who brought you the Legacy Amendment

Posted Feb. 26

Special focus | Management | Social Service

Arts Advocacy Day is Tuesday, March 8. Sheila Smith from Minnesota Citizens for the Arts makes an excellent case for why you need to be there.

BLOG: Arts Community United Kickoff!

Posted May. 17

Special focus |

55 Arts organizations and hundreds of artists are organizing to oppose the marriage amendment that will be on the ballot in MN in November.

BLOG: Mixed Blood Theatre offering free admission to all shows

Posted May. 24

News and notes |

Mixed Blood announces new program offering free admission to all of their shows. How will this impact their programs and other theater companies in town?

BLOG: Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman

Posted Jul. 15

Special focus | Tradition

Gary Oldman sends an important message to athletes who act

BLOG: 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival Attendance Numbers

Posted Aug. 16

News and notes |

48,350 tickets were distributed to the 167 shows participating in the 11-day performing arts festival.

BLOG: We're back!

Posted May. 14

News and notes |

The old Playlist is up and running, but this might be only temporary ...

BLOG: What to expect at the Fringe lottery

Posted Feb. 6

News and notes |

What is new and notable about 2011's Fringe Festival lottery.

BLOG: New Partnership in St Paul could mean increased visibility for Art & Artists in Minnesota

Posted Sep. 14

News and notes |

New partnership, Irrigate, means funding for local artist driven programs


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