REVIEW: The wrong verdict


Katherine Glover attempts to tackle an enormous, thorny, provocative topic in her newest play, but the topic wiggles out her grasp.

REVIEW: Commonweal makes it all seem so easy

In idyllic Lanesboro, MN, 13 actors make Stoppard's 3 hour play an effortless trip through time.

Best of 2013-2014: Cabaret and Ashland


What do "Ashland" and "Cabaret" have in common? Dominic advocates for the mixing of styles into what can only be described as "adult pleasure".

Another actor prepares


TBT: A comprehensive, sequential warm-up from breath to yoga to centering—um, does anyone else feel a little numb right now?

Don't review this

Criticism | Vision

TBT: Melodie Bahan loves good performing arts writing so much that she begs arts journalists to make her life as a publicist more difficult.

Fringe blog (day 4): Alone together


That Levi pushes himself to a show in every slot available on Sunday and discovers how hard Fringe can be.

BLOG: Audience: Engaged! (or not)

Management | Vision

Is audience participation the wave of the future, or just another pothole on the bumpy road to audience engagement?

Reviewing the reviews: Who is this for?


A reader wonders who a review of 'Othello' was meant for, and it's not an easy answer.

REVIEW: 'Cabaret' from Theatre Latte Da & The Hennepin Trust, at The Pantages


"This is a mosaic of adulthood we all recognize, even if we never moved more than a mile from home."

Phil Kilbourne remembered

"Phil was the epitome of a working actor. He traveled where the work was and brought that formidable talent with him."

A musical revue with a war in the background


Matt McGeachy reviews "A Civil War Christmas," the first in a series of reviews this month.

What acting isn't


A cavalcade of Minnesota actors reveal what acting is all about by describing what it isn't

Apprenticeship in the Arts


There is really no way to become a competent and capable artist of any kind without learning by doing.

To be or not to be... Paid, that is.


How do we price our worth – our work, time, talent, experience and expertise?

“Everybody” is not the audience: Marketing as creative work


Artists develop lasting connections with audiences and donors by authentically representing themselves

The Ins and Outs of a Two-Actor, Two-Child Household; Or, We Stand Alone Together


Katy & Caleb McEwen admit how they balance family and work life.

The big art ball

Tradition | Vision

What does it mean to think like an artist?

SHUT UP AND LAUGH: or how I learned to stop worrying and love comedy


Joshua English Scrimshaw answers the question what do artists who do comedy think of the phrase "more than just comedy."

Art as language

Social Service

Art is essential because art is language.

For love or money: or how I feed my daughter


Do we work for money or love of our art?