Greater Minnesota

Commonweal Theatre Company's multi-million dollar space (open since 2007) stretches behind three old storefronts in downtown Lanesboro.

From Duluth to Willmar, Bemidji to Lanesboro, the performing arts have a long history and vibrant presence throughout Minnesota. In this issue, we focus specifically on what’s happening outside the Cities.

Dialogue, Part 2: When is a place not a place?

Greater Minnesota | Innovation

Ashley Hanson uses her artistic talents in service to her rural roots but rejects the idea that the place needed her to "make" it.

Homegrown Theater: Watertown's River City Theater Company

Greater Minnesota

In Watertown, Minnesota, playwrights of all ages get a chance to shine.

BLOG: Following Up

Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Production | Social Service | Tradition

Some of the stories we talked about before have continued on. Let's follow them again!

Making theater from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis

Greater Minnesota

A small-town theater company treks to the Twin Cities and learns a bit about itself along the way.

Homegrown Theater: Uncommon Loons of Grand Rapids

Greater Minnesota

An unlikely partnership spurs original theater in an unexpected setting, and the crowd goes wild.

Homegrown Theater: County Seat Theater Company

Greater Minnesota

The only full-season theater in Carlton County gives the people what they want - and maybe a bit of what they need.

Getting what we paid for

Greater Minnesota

A Pioneer Press article wonders if Minnesota arts are worth the money. Matt Dawson crunches the numbers.

Homegrown Theater: Vertigo unifies Rochester's arts community

Greater Minnesota

Original theater, music, film, poetry and more take their bows under multiple roofs in downtown Rochester.

Homegrown Theater: Osseo's Yellow Tree did it their way

Greater Minnesota

A Yellow Tree Theatre founder admits they probably didn't go about things the way they should have - and that's exactly why it worked.

Homegrown Theater: All Mankato's a stage

Greater Minnesota

From bars to churches to coffee shops, Mankato Mosaic Theatre Company is turning the town into one big, burgeoning performance space.

Homegrown Theater: Winona comes alive

Greater Minnesota

The Twin Cities don't have a monopoly on Minnesota theater. Our Homegrown Theater series kicks off with a look at Winona's bumper crop of talented playwrights.

Celebration of spirit

Greater Minnesota | Tradition

An interview with long-time Minnesota theater legend Don Stolz who "refuses to do a play that presents life as hopeless. . . It just isn't true."


Greater Minnesota

You ever have that dream where you move back to the small town you grew up in and open a homey little arts center? Well, wake up!!!!

Letters to the editor: June 2009

Greater Minnesota

Connecting urban arts organizations with the venues in their own backyard is emphatically not a new idea. Plus, go north.

Meet the neighbors, Part 3

Greater Minnesota

Creative people will be creative. Give people time for the unfamiliar to become familiar. Musicals subsidize, and other lessons from the road in Minnesota.

Winona hugs us

Greater Minnesota

Dream of starting a theater festival? If you're lucky, you'll find yourself as attractive and willing a dance partner as the city of Winona.

Meet the neighbors, Part 2

Greater Minnesota

On a road trip around Greater Minnesota, Alan Berks visits 9 representative organizations, from community theater to university theater to barn-based theater.

Apples and Kabuki in Wisconsin

Greater Minnesota

Looking for Total Artistic Control, Kathy Welch and Rick Coleman moved from the Twin Cities to the Old Gem Theater in New Richmond, WI. Learn what they found.

First, we take Des Moines

Audience | Greater Minnesota

What do you do when you've written a raunchy gay sex farce sure to offend delicate sensibilities? Take it on the road, of course.

Meet the neighbors

Greater Minnesota

Get a video introduction to some of the theater makers who make Greater Minnesota safe for the performing arts. Part 1 of 3.

Inside outside

Greater Minnesota | Process

Inside the process exactly as it happened of reworking Rooms of Disquiet at the Tofte Lake Center.

Inside outside (the photos)

Greater Minnesota | Process

Photos from the rehearsal process.

Our town

Greater Minnesota

People learn through imitation. Art imitates life. Life imitates art. In this town, they meet in the grocery and city council.

Why community theater, or: Why my couch has been onstage more than I have

Greater Minnesota | Process

What happened to the glamorous life in the theater she was promised? Community theater has other rewards. It better!