From Live Action Set's production of "Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban," a popular play they devised with director Jon Ferguson. Photo: Scott Pakudaitus

You say can't tell the difference between performance art, dance, theater, puppetry and anything else. The disciplines change too quickly. They melt together. Any what are those playwrights doing? Don't be afraid. Use the articles below to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Riding that train


The creator of a successful Fringe Fest walking show takes a ride on the Green Line to explore more moving theater.

BLOG: LORT House Down 2: Financial Boogaloo

Innovation | Management | Vision

Another LORT theater goes down. RIP Georgia Shakespeare.

Playlist profile: Jill Bernard

Innovation | Training | Vision

We've got a globe-trotting, Twin Cities improv and theater Ambassador in our midst. You should know her better.

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Sneak a Peek at the new MinnesotaPlaylist


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BLOG: What Is Theatre For?

Innovation | Social Service | Vision

You may ask yourself what's theater for? You may ask yourself how did I get here? You may ask yourself my god, what have I done?

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Winning with the new website


One more scheduled event. Stop by Monday, Sept 1 between barbeques for a little mingling and information.

Dialogue, Part 5 (+/-): Time and place and the art of return


Successful public art in community requires a commitment to the place that endures beyond the last show.

BLOG: Seriously, What's With All the Creative Placemaking All of A Sudden?!

Innovation | Vision

Let's try to figure out this Creative Placemaking thing before it drives me bonkers.

Dialogue, Part 4: Think about The Money


Charles responds to Ashley and Molly's essays with an attempt to locate why a common hesitancy emerges.

Dialogue, Part 2: When is a place not a place?

Greater Minnesota | Innovation

Ashley Hanson uses her artistic talents in service to her rural roots but rejects the idea that the place needed her to "make" it.

Dialogue: What is creative placemaking?


The act of placemaking has inspired performance artist Molly Van Avery to look at all aspects of art-making differently.

BLOG: The Great Theater Party is Over

Fringe | Innovation

The Fringe is over. Let's get back to complaining about stuff.

Hey, Buddy! Wanna Buy a Theater?

Innovation | Vision

An old space sells for $1, and it's probably still too expensive for you.

Exploring change for the awkward arts zealot: Survival


The Machine wants us. Do we rage against it, run away from it or try to dismantle it from the inside?

BLOG: Dollars and Bills

Innovation | Tradition | Vision

Getting paid and doing Shakespeare (not necessarily related).

BLOG: Space Quest!

Innovation | Management

The struggle to find the spaces to perform in continues. (Also, what not to do when adapting Shakespeare.)

How we built a theater festival


"Nothing great ever comes from being comfortable and risk is your best friend."

Twitter for theater people


"Developing a Twitter strategy" may sound antithetical to art, but it's becoming essential for theater professionals.

It's time for theater to declare independence


As the arts world embraces independence, Josh Cragun looks to punk rock and Bandcamp as models for the future of theater.

How local is your local theater?


An essay on theatrical biodiversity gets Laurie Flanigan Hegge thinking about "farm-to-table" productions on the Minnesota scene.

Any color you like

Innovation | Process

A playwright makes the case for more ambiguity in theater

IVC the Potential

Innovation | Production

How Interactive Video Conferencing is making education an online performance.

Suggestion box

Criticism | Innovation | Management

We're considering a major redesign of the website in the coming months. Now is your chance to send us your suggestions.

Who picked the best cast for tragedy?


Vote here for your favorite combination of actors in the classic play, Aeschylus's "Agamemnon".

FTL Week 6: Classic Play Edition #2


What local cast and design would make Aeschylus's "Agamemnon" soar? Draft your teams today.

Same show, different casts: FTL Week 5


How much can a cast make or break a play? Vote here.

FTL Week 5: Classic Play Edition


Imagine a fantasy local production of Arthur Miller's classic "All My Sons".

Cast your vote in Week 4 of FTL


What do you want to see? What do you not want to see? Make your preferences known, anonymously.

Call for new teams, Week 4


Submit new teams here. Competition is heating up and the public cries out for Craig Johnson to do a solo adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Rank your favorite casts and crew, Week 3

Innovation | Vision

This week, we have a bunch of new entries. Let them know what you think of their ideas.

Build your own FTL rosters, Week 2

Innovation | Vision

Don't sit on the sidelines any longer. Enter your Fantasy Theater Team before next week's voting.

Fantasy Theater League, Week 2


Week 2 of Fantasy Theater League pits Theater of the Absurd against Theater of the Nude.

Create your Fantasy Theater League team


Want to play Fantasy Theater? Create your ideal local production here, now until Sunday.

Introducing . . . the Fantasy Theater League


Put your best production ideas to the test in MinnesotaPlaylist's new Fantasy Theater League.

Best of 2010-2011: New Play Readings

Criticism | Innovation

"When you need to feel complicit in something, like you belong to a community, go see a reading."

Best of 2010-2011: Laurie Van Wieren

Criticism | Innovation

Laurie Van Wieran's "2nd Draft: Who Made These Video Tapes" helps us recognize what it means to be here now.

Beyond “Offending the Audience” or how I came to write America’s most (and least) wanted play

Audience | Innovation

The Neo-Futurists buy pizza for their audience whenever they sell out. Twenty years ago, they never imagined they'd be buying so much pizza.

Mom, I got news for you...

Innovation | Management

No wacky playwright, living on absinthe and cobwebs, is Victoria Stewart. No regular paycheck or stability has she either.

Twitter for theaters

Innovation | Management

Tips and tricks for using Twitter to promote your theater.

New labor for a new economy


Playwright Matthew Foster argues that corporate ownership of ideas stifles innovation

Best kept secret

Innovation | Social Service

Museum Theatre is a constant balance of artistry and education

Social media for theaters: Facebook

Innovation | Management

How Facebook can be used to promote your theater.

Creating improv

Innovation | Management | Process

It's not easy creating structures for improvisational comedy. Mike Fotis discusses how he does it.

Pop-up theater


It's not new, and it's not fancy, but pop-up theater might offer a solution to the dearth of new theater in America.

Are we giving new plays the opportunities they need?


Max "Bunny" Sparber looks at why new plays have the life span of a mayfly, and asks if this is good for theater.

A dramatic introduction to performance art

Innovation | Tradition

Andy Sturdevant introduces us to the sometimes baffling world of performance art.

Using whatever light you got


A photo essay of Skewed Visions' rehearsals for He Woke Up In A Strange Place Called Home And Although Looking For Bed He Kept Finding Death Instead.

More than cabaret

Innovation | Management

How do you put politics into dance? Or build a queer-identified space where straights feel welcome? Why do it at all? Patrick Scully answers



Mixed Blood, Penumbra, August Wilson, New York, the Guthrie, Pillsbury House — Faye Price is on quite a journey.

Fuchsia sombrero ashtray


From an actor's perspective, if working on a classic piece of theater is a paint-by-number project, then doing new works is a beginner’s pottery class.

Building a better bucket brigade

Innovation | Process

And see, it’s that maniacal way you pull on your hair and squeal that requires us to keep the rehearsal schedule secret from you.

When critic meets playwright

Criticism | Innovation

Muzzle the urge to call that theater critic a despicable prick. The critic may just be the best friend a new work can have.

Mission speaks

Innovation | Management

The conventional wisdom says that new work is too hard to produce successfully. Mixed Blood's Artistic Director Jack Reuler begs to differ.



Minnesota playwrights are often featured at the country’s premiere new play event; Allison Moore reports back from the production of her play Slasher.



The prolific, ubiquitous, droll, jocular, successful and local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher sits for a video interview on the state of playwrighting.

Open doors


The real risk in creating new work is not that the audience won't understand our vision; the real risk is that we won't understand theirs.

Growing pains


Minnesota's new play production record stands up favorably to any city in the country — and like every city in the country, we've got lots to improve.

What moves you?


Every dance possesses some combination of old and new. Dancer Penny Freeh reveals her thoughts, and dreams, on the mixture that sustains her career.

Untitled. Unfinished. UNRELEASED.*


Do you want to do the work required to turn an idea into an actual play more than you want to eat kettle chips and watch reruns of Ultimate Cage Fighting?

This is our youth

Audience | Innovation

University of Minnesota student Cristeta Boarini thinks more young people would go to theater, if more theater was like The Flickering Wall.

Electric Arc Radio

Audience | Innovation

An ongoing series of staged readings about four writers living in a house?!? How did they wind up with such a cool crowd?

Raw honesty

Innovation | Process

Shá Cage and e.g. bailey discuss how artistic expression rises from community in a highly personal way.



A kind of duet between dancer, choreographer, and cinematographer is beginning to emerge as an art form in the performing arts world.

The art of participation

Criticism | Innovation

Through analysis and experience, Camille LeFevre distills the essence of audience participation outside the black box into a quick study guide for audiences.

Live on ice

Innovation | Training

As figure skating grows more and more popular, it also grows more theatrical.

City dance


Have you ever seen someone use the city as a jungle gym? It may have been Torsten Johnson playing with, and making play of, the landscape we take for granted.

Interaction and connection


"At our 'picnic operetta' in the garden, random pedestrians, squirrels, clouds, and worms added to the live-ness of the story."

Fuzzy labels


What do three path-breaking troupes like Body Cartography Project, Skewed Visions, and Off Leash Area think they're doing?

Symphonic drama


Music and theater. Not "music theater," but theater and music where serious music and serious drama are paired. Bob Neu explores this neglected genre.