Costumers Laura Fulk, Kerry Riley, and Andrew Lawrence Schiff watch as Sara Richardson tries out her dress. Photo: Craig VanDerSchaegen. From photo essay, "Rehearsal in Progress."

Light design as poetry. Stage management that saves lives. Stagehands like a really good Vaudeville plate-spinners in a world where a dropped plate spells disaster. Unfortunately, behind-the-scenes artistry is too often overlooked underneath the words of a script or the beauty of the actors. We uncover at the art and craft of production here.

BLOG: Across the Nation

Management | Production | Social Service

Bifurcation in Philly, 99 seaters in LA, and a complete inability to do much in Ferguson.

BLOG: The Theater Space Shuffle

Audience | Production

One theater leaves. Another takes its place. And the circle of theater life continues.

Acting without pay: A one-woman debate


Is taking unpaid work a harsh fact of acting or a betrayal of the art? One actress tries to sort it out with herself.

BLOG: Season Announcing Season

Process | Production

What's everyone announcing now that I will forget later? Let's review.

BLOG: Is It Really Real?

Criticism | Production | Tradition

We all have a problem with figuring out "authenticity", and South Carolina still has a problem with lesbians.

Why another Shakespeare festival?


Celebrations of the Bard are coming hot and heavy this year. A founder of a new Shakespeare film fest explains why we can't have too many.

BLOG: Straight Talk for Straight Guys

Audience | Production

The New York Times says straight men don't like Broadway anymore. (Wait... they did before?)

The pros and cons of less traditional spaces


Laura Holway loves a nontraditional performance space, but there are always some trade-offs involved.

BLOG: Following Up

Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Production | Social Service | Tradition

Some of the stories we talked about before have continued on. Let's follow them again!

An Actor's Paycheck in the Twin Cities


How much can an actor expect to earn in the Twin Cities? Let's see what we can find.

BLOG: Let's Not Talk About the Oscars

Fringe | Production | Tradition

More about lottery, protests and death; less about everyone's favorite award show.

A freelancer's plea for fair treatment under the law


After a life-changing injury, a theater technician offers an education on the hard facts of freelancing.

BLOG: Climbing The Summit (or "How To Lose Audience and Alienate Artists")

Audience | Production | Training

In Washington, D.C., a panel discussion of artistic directors breaks open every can of worms. Believe it or not, this does matter to us in Minnesota.

BLOG: Long Live the NEA Chair!

Management | Process | Production

The internet cried out, and the President (maybe) listened. Also, why not try Dollar Tree theater?

Humbug, Bitches


What's it like working backstage at a big holiday show? Well, it doesn't kill you, so it must make you stronger.

The symbiosis of stage and screen


There's not enough interplay between Minnesota's film and theater communities. Here's how to change that.

Theater's new world of new media


Social media is changing the face of some local institutions - and helping to launch some new ones.

In praise of disgusting theater


Lots of folks go to the theater to have their heartstrings tugged or their funnybones tickled, but sometimes it's just as valuable to have your stomach turned.

Producing theater between the poles


Improv performer and producer Butch Roy has learned that there's a world of difference between being on stage and working behind the scenes.

Live tweets from the Iveys

Audience | Criticism | Production | Vision

Levi Weinhagen live tweets the Ivey Awards tonight for us @minnesotaplays #iveyawards #theaterprom #canyoubetoosnarky

Running with swords

Management | Production

A comic/dancer/director/actor/improvisor/fight choreographer/mother explains how her performer hyphens improve her parenting

IVC the Potential

Innovation | Production

How Interactive Video Conferencing is making education an online performance.

On the Interpretation of Stage Directions

Production | Tradition

A playwright writes about how stage directions are handled

The Roller-coaster of Self-Producing Theater


One touring artists guide to producing his own work

What's the deal with Stand-Up and Improv

Audience | Production

Can improvised theater and Stand-Up Comedy work together in the same show?

Lighting designer thinking about playwrights

Process | Production

Throwing Light on the Playwright’s Words

"The show was alright, but the lobby smelled like fish.”


The lobby experience can help or hurt a show. Here are some things to make it help.

Box scores 10/17 thru 10/23


Anna Bella Eema find its audience in the final weekend. The Woman in Black stumbles through Friday but recovers for Saturday and Sunday.

Box scores 10/12/11 thru 10/16/11


Accidental Death of an Anarchist is exuberant; The Pride closes; Anna Bella Eema hunts for a groove.

Introducing . . . Theater Box Scores


Check out our first round of performing arts "box scores," a shorthand way to find out about performances every night of the week.

How to make a video preview for the stage


Can you use film to sell theater? One of our favorite videographers explains how and, especially for new work, why.

The sound scene


We gathered together all the Twin Cities' professional sound designers for this photo essay. See the people who make the sounds.

How to be a bad director

Criticism | Production

For audience, actors, and writers alike, Isaac Butler attempts to create a quick guide to saving yourself from that horrible director.

On submitting scripts

Process | Production

What you need to know before you submit a script to a theater or conference.

Why you shouldn't pad your performing arts resume


Max "Bunny" Sparber discusses why it's a bad idea to pad your performing arts resume.

Collaboration song

Process | Production

Think you know what sound designers do? Watch this video interview to learn the real scoop from Victor Zupanc, one of the country's best.

Lights, character, action


Lighting designer Marcus Dillard steps out from behind the scenes to share his recollections. "The technology is changing everything constantly."

2005–08 onstage


Minnesota has a lot of theater in a lot of places, from small theaters to bars to Harriet Island. See what's been here.


Process | Production

Rehearsal is a place to experiment and fail—even for experienced costume designers. So, yes, you need to wear that plastic bag today.

Designing a life in the theater, by accident

Production | Vision

When Jeff Bartlett wandered off the street into a construction zone, he never imagined it would become a good part of his life's work.

Minnesota filmmakers, live on stage

Process | Production

Bill Corbett, Patrick Coyle, Ali Selim, and Rob Perez have each seen their visions come alive on the big screen. Enjoy their discussion in this video.