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Dylan Fresco works with Krista at an Upstream Arts workshop where professional artists from across the metro use arts education to enhance the lives of youth and adults with disabilities. Photo courtesy of Matt Guidry of Upstream Arts.

While big ticket shows under bright marquees soak up a lot of attention, many performing artists use their training for something other than only making a good bit of entertainment. From Boal to Breaking Ice and Childrens' Hospital to Hennepin County Home School, we examine how performance nurtures social work.

BLOG: Sweet Foundation Money

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See the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. Also, how well are we tackling the Top Ten Most Produced Plays?

BLOG: What Is Theatre For?

Innovation | Social Service | Vision

You may ask yourself what's theater for? You may ask yourself how did I get here? You may ask yourself my god, what have I done?

BLOG: Across the Nation

Management | Production | Social Service

Bifurcation in Philly, 99 seaters in LA, and a complete inability to do much in Ferguson.

BLOG: Back From the Woods

Management | Social Service | Vision

I return from a week free from news, only to return to find that Labor Day is a slow news day.

Improv for civic good

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Businesses are starting to catch on, but what will it take to get the general public saying, "Yes, and...?"

BLOG: Following Up

Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Production | Social Service | Tradition

Some of the stories we talked about before have continued on. Let's follow them again!

Art as political industry

Social Service

They say all art is political. what if arts organizations operated like candidates for elected office?

Veterans Play Project: the good, the bad and the real

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"The result is a play that gives veterans a voice, rather than a play that talks about us."

Reflecting on C.A.P.

Social Service | Vision

An actor remembers Why Working With Children In The Theater Matters

Creative Placemaking: Logic Models and Love

Social Service | Vision

How do you measure the successful impact of art

Words where previously there were none

Social Service

Teaching Artist Sara Richardson on Communicating without Words

Get up, stand up

Social Service

Despite its depressing name, Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed leads its practitioners to be their best selves.

My life in crisis

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An actor for the Crisis Company will play some of the most dramatic characters of his or her career, in the strangest settings.

Laughter is a good virus

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Star Studios may produce the most effective television show that you've never seen. For some families, it's very serious funny business.

Art as language

Social Service

Art is essential because art is language.

Summer activism

Social Service

We're taking a little break from the magazine to rest up for the Fringe Festival in August. Inside this article are a few thoughts about art and politics.

Best kept secret

Innovation | Social Service

Museum Theatre is a constant balance of artistry and education

Art, truth and transformation

Social Service

Sarah M. Rattanavong-Wash profiles blank slate theatre, a youth performance group.


Audience | Social Service

Performing in prisons and homeless shelters teaches Michelle Hensley a few things about connecting with the audience.

Healing arts: The documentary

Social Service

Better late than never, John hunts down his own example of April's issue. Get an inside look at a healing artist at work. Sort of.

Leaving a mark

Social Service | Vision

The impulse to create can be channeled into social or antisocial directions. James Williams teaches theater to help build a better society.


Process | Social Service | Vision

Far from big budget shows and scrambles for development opportunities, Leah Cooper experiences the kind of theater that still lives up to her childhood ideals.

Playing conference rooms for fun and profit

Management | Social Service

David Mann has been able to make a living in the corporate world. By actually teaching them how to be more like the theater people.