The ambitious Cromulent Shakespeare Co. performed Chekhov’s sprawling, complex, classic "Three Sisters" (director: Mitchell "Bucky" Fay; left to right: Allen Malicsi, Tom Emmott, Timothy "Chief" Jopek, Dawn Krosnowski Malicsi, Bethany Ford, and Kate Klippen) in 2008. Photo: Scott Pakudaitus

One of Culture's greatest benefits is that it preserves humanity's shared history—whether it be in Minnesota or around the world. Unlike almost any other modern industry, theater continues to use techniques practiced thousands of years ago and present work created by people long dead. Enjoy articles about the classics as well as oral histories with influential Minnesota theater-makers.

Catharsis: From Aristotle to Freud to an Egg Salad Sandwich


Derek Lee Miller casts out some thoughts on catharsis.

Meet First Nations Theater

Tradition | Vision

Great plays about the Native American experience exist. In a state with such a large Native population, Rhiana Yazzie explores a canon we should know better.

BLOG: How To Properly Celebrate Winter

Criticism | Tradition

If you're the type who celebrates winter by drinking in a bar, then have we got something for you!

Remembering Gus Lynch


Gus Lynch made a huge impression, in so many ways, on everyone who met him.

Remembering Ken Washington

Tradition | Training | Vision

Ken Washington helped people begin lifelong journeys on the road to achieving their dreams. His passing is felt from coast to coast.

BLOG: Merry Thanksmas!


It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's Christmas, apparently.

BLOG: Traditions 'n' Whatnot


It's winter, which means we have many traditions we are forced to observe.

I Went to the Iveys and It Was OK


What do the Iveys mean this year? I actually surprise myself with my answer.

Remembering John Lilleberg


John Lilleberg had an enormous effect on people who worked with him.

Major leadership changes are coming


TBT: In the next 5-10 years, the Baby Boomer founders of most of the metro's mid-sized nonprofits will retire soon. Is it a crisis?

Playlist profile: Melissa Hart

Tradition | Training | Vision

"So what keeps me going is interpreting the fabulous things. To bring truth to it. It also stretches me."

BLOG: Is It Really Real?

Criticism | Production | Tradition

We all have a problem with figuring out "authenticity", and South Carolina still has a problem with lesbians.

BLOG: Following Up

Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Production | Social Service | Tradition

Some of the stories we talked about before have continued on. Let's follow them again!

BLOG: Dollars and Bills

Innovation | Tradition | Vision

Getting paid and doing Shakespeare (not necessarily related).

BLOG: Let's Not Talk About the Oscars

Fringe | Production | Tradition

More about lottery, protests and death; less about everyone's favorite award show.

Giving thanks for theater


We asked local theater folks to share what fills them with gratitude this Thanksgiving season.

Keeping the brief candles burning


As Thanksgiving draws near, an appreciation of an arts community that honors its dead and values its living.

"Major leadership changes" - Our readers respond


C. Andrew Mayer’s "Major leadership changes are coming" sparked plenty of conversation last week. Here's a sampling of the most fascinating feedback.

Art for everyone's sake


We hear a lot about "art for art's sake," but these theater people are dedicated to making art for the greater good.

The beautiful recyclability of theater


Theater is the rare art form that not only welcomes but requires endless remakes, and that's a great thing.

Mu Performing Arts looks forward


Outgoing Artistic Director Rick Shiomi looks back on 20 years of Asian American performing arts and ahead to many more.

Theater according to film: an actor's take


If you believe Hollywood, theater folks are nothing but backstabbing, heavy-drinking malcontents. Dawn Brodey takes issue with that... sort of.

Who's afraid of The Pirate Bay?


While books, music and movies scramble to adapt to the age of torrents, theater enjoys its unique niche as a virtually pirate-proof art form.

Politics and Theater - the Federal Theater Project


A look back at the Federal Theater Project

On the Interpretation of Stage Directions

Production | Tradition

A playwright writes about how stage directions are handled

A conversion experience

Criticism | Tradition

"The dramatic structure of the play actually seems like the sort of thing a virtuosic theater director might undertake on a dare."

A great space Christmas

Audience | Criticism | Tradition

"You can bet if the Klingons were in two wars at once, and had been for years, they would have the knobby alien balls to own up to it."

Unbearable lightness of holiday theater

Criticism | Tradition | Vision

Snow can be heavy, dirty, and hard to handle. Holiday shows are not. Matt Sciple thinks they might benefit from a bit more blizzard, a bit less whitewash.

Artists and the public domain


The public domain has been stalled to serve corporate interests. Max "Bunny" Sparber discusses why this is important to artists.

The big art ball

Tradition | Vision

What does it mean to think like an artist?

A dramatic introduction to performance art

Innovation | Tradition

Andy Sturdevant introduces us to the sometimes baffling world of performance art.

The standard rehearsal

Process | Tradition

After thousands of years of performance, most rehearsals share a surprising amount of consistency. Why? Is this good or bad? (Part 1 of 3.)

Good company


Stephen D'Ambrose and Barbara Kingsley have built lives as actors in this community that so many admire. They're also such great fun to talk with.

The big G


Sheila Livingston came to Minnesota at the same time as Tyrone Guthrie. In the early days, a big G meant cereal, not theater.

Celebration of spirit

Greater Minnesota | Tradition

An interview with long-time Minnesota theater legend Don Stolz who "refuses to do a play that presents life as hopeless. . . It just isn't true."

Decade by decade


Use this text timeline of Minnesota Theater history to follow along with this month's video interviews.

Mirror nature, my ass


Why Hamlet is the perfect Baby Boomer.

Too sappy?


Are the biggest cynics really just wounded romantics? John Middleton demonstrates to the Morris Squill that he isn't really Scrooge.

Generosity and inanity

Criticism | Tradition

"Normally when I say 'cult' I’m being negative. This is a special holiday exception. "

Baby, it's cold outside

Audience | Criticism | Tradition

What is a religious experience? What is magic? What does Fat Man Crying have to tell us about these questions and more?

The Minnesota Way

Criticism | Tradition

Wendy Knox and Bain Boehlke. Michelle Hensley and Lou Bellamy. Do they have anything in common? Quinton Skinner tracks it down.