At a working retreat at the Tofte Lake Center in Ely, Minnesota, Stuart Pimsler Dance Theater started their work each morning with company yoga. Photo: V. Paul Virtucio

Everyone gets better with practice. Where do you go to practice your craft, learn new skills, sharpen your old skills? In this issue, we'll look at training as well as what new methods may be incubating behind the ivy walls of academia.

Playlist profile: Jill Bernard

Innovation | Training | Vision

We've got a globe-trotting, Twin Cities improv and theater Ambassador in our midst. You should know her better.

Playlist profile: Eric Sharp

Training | Vision

"If I’m not there challenging people’s perceptions, nothing changes, and we’re stuck with the way things have always been done."

Playlist profile: Melissa Hart

Tradition | Training | Vision

"So what keeps me going is interpreting the fabulous things. To bring truth to it. It also stretches me."

Congratulations, graduates, and welcome to the Thunderdome


As another crop of theater grads hits the outside world, Dawn Brodey offers some tips for survival.

BLOG: Climbing The Summit (or "How To Lose Audience and Alienate Artists")

Audience | Production | Training

In Washington, D.C., a panel discussion of artistic directors breaks open every can of worms. Believe it or not, this does matter to us in Minnesota.

I was the Easter Bunny


Every artist has to pay some dues. Sometimes that means strapping on a giant bunny head and trying not to trample kids on Nicollet Mall.

Moving in spite of yourself


"You might think quiet would be a good trait for a mime. You would be wrong." Kirsten Stephens on defying your personality through movement.

Actor turned writer asks how did I get here?

Process | Training

An actor turned writer tries to figure out how he got there and what it means

Gary's Kids


Why are there so many Saint Olaf alums working in Twin Cities theaters and what do they want from the rest of us?

Letter to a young actor in Minnesota

Management | Training

Want to be more involved in the film world? Read this letter from actress Karen Landry Mulkey with invaluable advice on making the move to Los Angeles.

What I learned from Bab's Casting

Management | Training

What does a performing artist need to know about the casting process for commercial work? What has changed or not changed in the last 21 years?


Apprenticeship in the Arts


There is really no way to become a competent and capable artist of any kind without learning by doing.

Teaching as performance art

Process | Training

On the path from teacher to performance artist our author learns they're not so different.

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80% of success


Steve was a promising young actor with a chance to work with famous director Alan Schneider. Follow along as our tragic hero lets hubris get in the way.

To study the world


Charles Nolte did it all. Then he taught a lot of Minnesota performing artists how to do it too.



The creator of the Choreographers' Evening, Judith Brin Ingber has been in middle of the growth of dance in Minnesota from the 1950s to today.

Live on ice

Innovation | Training

As figure skating grows more and more popular, it also grows more theatrical.