The fundamentals of fear


Entertaining an audience is one thing. Scaring the crap out of them is something else entirely.

REVIEW: Frank and Sandbox present the past


'Maple and Vine' and 'This Is A World To Live In' offer very different takes on modernity and nostalgia.

BLOG: Big Money and Small Fish

Posted Oct. 22

News and notes | Innovation | Process | Production

The Lion King hits a billion dollars. Then there's the rest of us.

16 questions with Gary Briggle


Our new feature kicks off with esteemed actor Gary Briggle discussing his life on stage.

Best of 2012-2013: The sweet surprise of 'Nice Fish'


The Guthrie isn't the first place you expect puppets, whimsy or regional humor. That made this fish story all the nicer.

BLOG: Death and Near-Death

Posted Oct. 15

News and notes | Criticism | Management | Tradition

Sometimes companies die. Sometimes they cheat death and come back to us.

It's time for theater to declare independence


As the arts world embraces independence, Josh Cragun looks to punk rock and Bandcamp as models for the future of theater.

BLOG: Let's Get Spooky

Posted Oct. 8

News and notes | Tradition

Halloween is coming. Are you prepared?

Hunting for horror in 'The Hollow'


A search for scary theater begins with Workhaus Collective's atmospheric New Orleans story.

'Small Art,' big awards and local heroes


An intimate arts evening and a gala extravaganza throw a spotlight on all the amazing theater in between.