BLOG: Little Medallion/Statue Thingies

The Tony nominations have been out for a month. I guess it's time to figure out what they mean.

REVIEW: 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Dirt Sticks'


Everyone from Joseph Campbell to Bertolt Brecht to Dominic's Aunt Rose weighs in on two new, heroic productions.

BLOG: We're Building Stuff!

The Green Line is coming on line soon. Will it make or break St. Paul's new arts district?

A control freak's guide to collaboration


Working with others doesn't always come easily for writers, but if you want to be in theater you'd better get over it.

REVIEW: 'Behind the Eye' at Park Square


A new exploration of an unsung artist is flawed, and that's a good thing. The gender balance of local critics is also flawed, and that's not as good.

BLOG: Season Announcing Season

Process | Production

What's everyone announcing now that I will forget later? Let's review.

Congratulations, graduates, and welcome to the Thunderdome


As another crop of theater grads hits the outside world, Dawn Brodey offers some tips for survival.

REVIEW: Janaki Ranpura’s 'Ububu' and other conflicts of interest


Can a working artist ever feel comfortable as a critic in his or her own discipline?

Playlist profile: Angela Timberman

"I don’t think people understand that when someone says, 'I want to be an actress, they’re not necessarily saying, 'I want to be Meryl Streep.'"

Hey, Buddy! Wanna Buy a Theater?

Innovation | Vision

An old space sells for $1, and it's probably still too expensive for you.