Are we all doomed to be yuppies?


Creative placemaking is all the rage, but who gets to decide what's best for a neighborhood?

BLOG: Space Quest!

Innovation | Management

The struggle to find the spaces to perform in continues. (Also, what not to do when adapting Shakespeare.)

A view from the road: Toronto


A local artist heads to Toronto's SummerWorks festival to see how the Twin Cities scene stacks up against some of Canada's finest.

REVIEW: Late to the party: Three plays that opened In February


Dominic Orlando digs into 'Tristan & Yseult,' 'Shakespeare’s Will' and 'The Ballad of Emmett Till.'

Using my day job skills to be a better writer


A dispatch from Dayjob Land reminds us how the corporate world can inform our artistic existence.

BLOG: Let's Not Talk About the Oscars

Fringe | Production | Tradition

More about lottery, protests and death; less about everyone's favorite award show.

Exploring change for the awkward arts zealot: Local


Charles Campbell asks himself "What's up?" and gets an answer as complex as it is exhilarating.

Playlist profile: Sha Cage

"I can see it all blending: hip-hop, spoken word, traditional theater forms. It’s like a playground where all these things can come together."

A freelancer's plea for fair treatment under the law


After a life-changing injury, a theater technician offers an education on the hard facts of freelancing.

BLOG: Climbing The Summit (or "How To Lose Audience and Alienate Artists")

Audience | Production | Training

In Washington, D.C., a panel discussion of artistic directors breaks open every can of worms. Believe it or not, this does matter to us in Minnesota.