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Linda Kelsey and Gabriel Murphy. Photo: Petronella J Ytsma

REVIEW: Grandma knows best


4000 Miles travels a long distance, led by the Grandma of Your Lefty Political Dreams, only to get not very far along.

REVIEW: Chekhov that works


Exceptional ensemble acting turns a "workshop" into a master class on how to transform naturalism into classic theater.

BLOG: How To Properly Celebrate Winter

Criticism | Tradition

If you're the type who celebrates winter by drinking in a bar, then have we got something for you!

Song Story podcast previews Jonah


How do you take musical talent and storytelling passion and make it into a song for a musical with a biblical plot? Find out in this podcast.

REVIEW: Tipping the scales


A well-executed play about a man who weighs 500 pounds somehow sets up expectations of a realistic play that it fails to satisfy.

REVIEW: Whose youth is it?


An excellent production from a new company is overshadowed by current events.

BLOG: A Critic's Passing

Audience | Criticism

Sure, we can dish about Peter Pan or big grant money, but I want to talk about a critic who stopped writing 20 years ago.

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics

What I learned from Bab's Casting

Management | Training

What does a performing artist need to know about the casting process for commercial work? What has changed or not changed in the last 21 years?

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Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen Co-produces, Writes, Directs Hennepin Avenue Nightmares playing at Phoenix Theatre this month.

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