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BLOG: Is It Really Real?

Criticism | Production | Tradition

We all have a problem with figuring out how "authenticity" works, and South Carolina still has a problem with lesbians. Also, Broadway has all the problems it's always had.

Reviewing the reviews: How subjective is too subjective?


A critic owns up to his personal bias, but does he still do the production a disservice?

On dance, theater, efficacy and form


Looking through the prisms of form, character and audience expectation to see why "theater is 50 years behind dance."

Why another Shakespeare festival?


Celebrations of the Bard are coming hot and heavy this year. A founder of a new Shakespeare film fest explains why we can't have too many.

REVIEW: 'Detroit' at The Jungle Theater


The Jungle's latest is well-written, well-produced, well-acted and well worth seeing. And yet...

BLOG: Straight Talk for Straight Guys

Audience | Production

The New York Times says straight men don't like Broadway anymore. (Wait... they did before?)

Playlist profile: Kurt Kwan

"I wish I was excited as a theater artist to see more theater. How do we get theaters to really encourage artists to come see the work?"

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics



Workhouse Theatre Company makes its way in North Minneapolis through old-fashioned, one-on-one, grassroots marketing. We reprint this story from Dec. 2008.

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